Monday, May 17, 2010

First Year With Bees

I bought 2 3lb. "bags" of bees on April 10. So far, the hives are doing fabulously. I've been reading tons on the subject and finding lots of great resources online. I've also joined the Wake County Beekeepers Association and taken a class that led to my certification as a beekeeper. I've done some experimenting already with various feeders and some frames without foundation. I've basically filled to deeps and am on my way filling two more. Once I have those filled, I will consider anything beyond that "supers" and therefore harvestable. This is my first entry. I hope to take photos and track my progress as a beekeeper this season and future ones.

My reasons for taking on this adventure are numerous, but the most important are environmental. The more I read about the collapse of honeybees, the more terrified I get. And unlike so many other problems in the world, this is one I feel like I can do a little bit to help fight. I also find these other aspects appealing: extra pollination in our garden, honey, wax, and the educational opportunities for my children and the students I teach.

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